WDC Series – Wrap Around Caser Blank Sheet Cardboard Wrapping Type



  • Inclined hopper carton feed.
  • Highly efficient mechanism for sheet picking.
  • Size change by handwheel and scale to ensure reliable, repeatable results.
  • Stable handling is assured through vacuum and bucket transfer.
  • Various options available.


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Blank sheet wrap around type

Model WDC-100 WDC-200
Speed 10cases/min 20cases/min
Case Size(mm)standard W : 330~420
L : 300~360
H : 100~150
W : 180~330
L : 250~400
H : 100~250
Sheet material A,B,ABflute cardboard
Glueing method Hot melt
Air 5.5kg/cm2 250N liter/min(Differs depending on the specification.)
Power 3PH 200V 4.5KVA (Differs depending on the specification.)

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and pack characteristics.
*Separate air compressor required.