STC-N5 – Compact Tray Wrapper Wide Type

omori stcn5


  • 50 product memory.
  • Compact automatic belt infeed system.
  • Demand feed for convenience.
  • The main unit is built to anti-corrosion specification for wet environments. Covers are made of stainless steel or clear plastics for ease of cleaning.


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Compact Tray Wrapper

Model STC-N1 (standard) STC-N2 (with tunnel) STC-N5
Speed MAX 60packs/min
Film width 220~450mm 250~700mm
Tray size(MAX) Width : 80~180mm
Length : 100~400mm
Height : 15~35mm
Width : 80~260mm
Length : 120~400mm
Height : 15~35mm
Product Height 5~80mm MAX 80mm
(Square Box Height 50mm Possible to wrap)
Infeed Belt in-feed type
Power used 3PH AC200V 2.5KVA 3PH AC200V 4.2KVA 3PH AC200V 3KVA

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.


Optional equipment

  • Labeler
  • Extension of product hold down belt.
  • All types of Automatic product feeders
  • Synchronization with existing conveyor
  • Extension of infeed conveyor
  • Film pre-stretch roller
  • Extension of discharge conveyor