FV Series

omori fv-series


  • A machine capable of producing many different pack styles.
  • 10 product memory for one-touch, easy size change.
  • "Roller Drawer" style for instant size change for forming and vacuum chambers available as option.
  • Base film drive by high accuracy servo motor allowing precise (0.1mm) pitch changes.
  • Base and lid film feed roller set up assures stable film unwinding with stable tension regardless of roll diameter.
  • Rotary date stamping (hot printer) eliminates type change (2 step date stamping with type change available as option).
  • Multiple wrapping styles such as Vacuum pack, Gas pack, Blister pack, Hot pack, steam shrink wrapping, etc. are available.
  • Clear and understandable machine status display with fault alarm allowing normal operation to be restored quickly.
  • The system is designed for factory automation and high efficiency.


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High spec type

Model FV6700 FV6800 (High-speed specification)
Speed (Max.) Vacuum pack : 10 cycles /min
Gas pack : 10 cycles /min(MAX)
Varies depending on condition such as products & trim cutting
Vacuum pack : 20 cycles /min
Gas pack : 20 cycles /min(MAX)
Varies depending on condition such as products & trim cutting
Width of base film AType : 390~470mm(standard)
BType : 470~550mm(wide width)
Film used Upper : Heat sealable stretchable oriented plastic films
Lower : Thermo-formable and heat sealable non oriented plastic films
Maximum : 370mm
Draw depth Normal : 70mm
Conditioned : 60mm(MAX)
Products Foods in general (solid, paste, liquid), General goods, Industrial goods
Main unit Total Length 4,660mm(standard)
5,660mm(1,000mm Long)
6,660mm(2,000mm Long)
Intermediate Length-consultation required.
Forming systems  Air-assist forming method by hot-plate Servo drive type forming method
Seal method Heat sealing method
Marking alignment The penetration type is usually employed. (The reflection type is also possible)
Film feeding Servo motor driven intermittent feeding method
Cross cutting system Cylinder driven slide-cut method
Longitudinal cutting system Direct-drive rotating blade
Film scrap remover Vacuum & winder or cutting type
Air 0.6Mpa Approx. 100litere/shot 
*(Differs depending on the specification.)
Cooling water  Over 0.25Mpa 4~5liter/min
Power used 3PH AC200V 12KVA ※(Differs depending on the specification.)
Machine weight Approx. 1,300kg

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and pack characteristics.


Optional equipment

  • Forming/Vacuum Box Roller Drawer type
  • Overall Trimming device
  • Plug assist forming device
  • Additional horizontal cutter device
  • Bottom film print registration device
  • Additional longitudinal cutter device
  • Gas flushing specification
  • Longitudinal cutter perforated line cutting
  • Skin pack specification
  • Edge position controller (bobbin swing type)
  • Multi-lane specification
  • Discharge belt conveyor
  • Cooling press system
  • Discharge transfer device
  • Date stamping device
  • Various automatic product feeders
  • Rounded corners cross-cut system
  • Vacuum pump
  • Rounded corners slide device
  • Mechanical booster
  • I-notch cutter system
  • Air compressor