FR3 – Liquid and Paste Packer

12121613_52a961ff786baThe FR3 is a space-saving, higher performance liquid and paste packer. 

The machine features a rigid design to reduce machine vibrations.

All settings can easily be adjusted on the LCD touch screen panel.


Standard Configuration

  • Operation panel: touch panel type (colored)
  • Photocell type pattern matching device
  • Film joint detector
  • Film end stop device
  • Universal bag guide
  • Heater for second horizontal sealing roll
  • Packaging film braking unit
  • I-notching device
  • Product carry-out guide
  • Packaging film pUll-out ro ll (non-slip type)
  • Cutterdevice
  • Packaging film shaft forward-backward moving device (operated by operation panel)
  • Air expelling roll
  • Safety devices (Interlocks for safety)


Data Stored in Memory

1.Bag length
2.Packaging speed
3.Sealing temperature
4.Sealing pressure 5.Volume to be sealed in (Number of revolutions)
6.Marking position
7.Marking ON/OFF
8.Cutting position
9.Position of perforation
10.Position of I notch
11.Number of run of products in one cut
12.Position of printing
13.Timing of various operations,and other 30 items in total.



  • Perforation device
  • Packaging material shortage warn ing device
  • Packaging material section cover
  • Automatic removal device (At the starting time)
  • Preset number divider
  • Preset number shutter
  • Vertical sealing pre-heater
  • Vertical 4-side sealing
  • Vertical paired sealing
  • Replaceable horizontal sealing bar type
  • Bottle shape sealing device
  • Stamping device
  • Both sides notching device
  • Remaining packaging material indicator
  • Leakage detector
  • Jammed horizontal seal detector
  • Nozzle cooling device
  • Rotary disk device for powder (for pair packaging)
  • Vertical slitter
  • Vertical perforation device
  • Calendar timer
  • Hot printer
  • Thermal printer
  • Ink jet printer
  • Hot roll printer
  • Mono-pump
  • Rotary pump
  • Cascade pump
  • Hyper pump
  • High-speed intermittent pump (servo-type)
  • Agitator
  • Packaging material UV sterilizing device (Effective up to 10 m/min)
  • Clean booth
  • Packaging film wobble corrector
  • Warning light
  • Mine frame
  • Cooling blower
  • Air compressor
  • Air dryer
  • Centralized monitoring system
  • Slitter



Packaging style 3 side sealer bag / 4 side sealer bag / pair bag
Packaging product Liquid and paste
Packaging speed Max 400 bags/min (Max 35m/min)
Packaging volume 1 – 200cc (500cc) *Changes with bag length and cutter
Bag length 30 – 65mm (8 div) / 35 – 75mm (7 div)

40 – 80mm (6 div) / 45 – 105mm (5 div)

50 – 145mm (4 div) / 60 – 200mm (3 div)

90 – 300mm (2 div)

*Varies depending on speed, seal width

Bag width

Bag width 30 – 150mm (4 side sealer bag)

Film Width 60 – 300mm (4 side sealer bag)

Diameter of packaging film φ450mm
Power source 3-phase 200VAC, 50/60Hz, 7.5kW at peak, 3.5kW at average
Air consumption 0.5MPa 150NL/min Dry air
Dimensions 1360mm W x 980mm D x 2490mm H
Machine weight 1000kg