This is a packaging machine that packages the products with the inactive gas at high speed to maintain the flavor and the quality of food for a long term.

The packaging condition can be set beforehand on the commodity registration screen. The packaging speed ,the adjustment of the width of the bag, and the adjustment of the temperature of the seal, etc. are registered, and it adjusts it by the automatic operetion.


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Applications Nuts, snack foods, coffee beans, bread crumb, etc
Operating speed 55 bag/min(Max.)
(Depend on filling products)
Bag dimensions   Width:    100~200mm
Length:    150~300mm
Packaging materials Gas-barriered films
Filling capacity Up to 500g
Machine dimensions     Width:    2,265mm
Length:    2,700mm
Residual O2 levels 0.5%(Depend on filling products)