• Cleaning task is improved more and more after the manufacture.
  • GP-WP10 prevents from tampering and contaminating, so contribute to keep food safety and sanitary.
  • Your products can be altered to suit your specification quickly and correctly by the big touch screen and various products are available to be registered as pictures on the product register screen.
  • GP-WP10 collaborates with the latest print inspection device which provides the reliability of date printing.
  • Moreover, a fault print bag is discharged outside as an empty bag(option).
  • In addition to safety, the high productivity is attractive.
  • Maximum performance is exercised by the simple synchronized funnel (option), so the max capacity is 65 pouches/ per minute.
  • Furthermore, this new machine accommodates 260mm(10 inches) pouch width; therefore, a wide range of packaging is available.
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UST Almighty highest-end model capable of handling standing pouches with fasteners.
USR Correspond to standing pouch. Also applicable to back sealed three-side-seal bag, four -side-seal bag, or four-side-seal bag with fastener.
UR Standard type corresponding to back sealed three-side-seal bag, four-side-seal bag, or four-side bag with fastener.
GY Bag stocker type.




Applications Frozen foods, powders, detergent, etc
Operating speed 15~65bags/min

(Depend on filling products)

Bag dimensions   Width:    100~260mm

Length:    140~380mm

Filling capacity Up to 1,000g

(2,000g by option)

Machine dimensions Width:    1,750mm

Length:    3,230mm(UST)