C98 – High Speed PTP Blister Wrapper



  • High-speed response

The base machine is a high-speed design from Italian IMA. company with a top speed of 8000 tablets/minute and is well known throughout Europe and America. Incorporating Omori's technology, the C98 is built to meet Japanese specifications based on the JIS standard, and a total system of 7000 tablets/minute is achieved. We will help your company to achieve a stable, high-speed production.

  • Reliable Tablet Supply System.

Responding to the global demands for careful handling of products, this system demonstrates excellent capacity for high-speed and stable production of a wide range of products. The system's high quality containment system & laminar flow make it ideally suited to the global market.

  • High-quality forming system.

We offer high quality, stable and uniform forming. This system creates a flat PP/AL sheet without curl by using a full-surface overall heating method as well as PVC/AL. Additionally it can be used for AL/AL and Aclar/AL and childproof packs.

  • In-line printing device and print registration.

Systems already successfully established in Europe and USA have been introduced to the Japanese market. Bby utilizing this established technology, stable operation can be achieved.


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High –speed 7000tablets/min Type

Production capability MAX. 700seats/min
Forming stroke quantity MAX. 115seats/min
Sheet size Width : 30~90mm

Length : 60~143mm

Pocket length : MAX. 12mm
Main unit size Length : 6,300mm

Width : 1,350mm

Height : MAX. 12mm

*These dimensions are for standard type. Different dimensions are available upon request
Installation environment Temperature : 10℃ ~ 40℃

Relative humidity : MAX. 95%

Height : MAX. 3,000m


Optional equipment

  • Automatic size change and self – locking system
  • Print registration device
  • In-line printer
  • Cyclonic type automatic scrap discharge
  • High integrity containment system
  • On-Screen Diagnostic system
  • Various globally applicable validation documents