Pa-2605N – Compact HFFS Inverted Machine, Rotary Seal

omori Pa-2605N


  • Touch panel control for simple operation.
  • Compact body saves floor space.
  • Simple design for easy maintenance.
  • Various infeed systems can be chosen depending on product.
  • 32 items memory for product setting.
  • Box motion end sealer type (BX) allows incorporation of oxygen absorber.
  • Triple AC servo motor drive system for easy size change.
  • Adjustable forming box is supplied as standard.


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Bottom Film Feed (Inverted)

Inverted Flow Wrappers feed film from below, rather than from above. The product flows on top of the packaging film, and is sealed above. Inverted flow wrappers are ideal for soft, or multipack items that are not easily packaged using normal, top film-feeding flow wrapping machines.


Rotary End Seal

Rotary End




Inverted machine, Box motion end seal/Rotary end seal

Model Pa-2605N (Rotary end seal) Pa-2605N BX (Box motion end seal)
Speed MAX 80packs/min MAX 60packs/min
Main motor AC servo motor
Film width MAX400mm
Pack Length 90~360mm
Product size Width : 140mm

Height : 55mm

Width : 140mm

Height : 75mm

Standard paint color Ivory(Baked paint finish)
Power used 3PH 200V 5KVA (Differs according to specification)
Machine weight Approx. 450kg

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.


Optional equipment

  • Automatic open/close for center sealer (Air operated)
  • Product hold down belt.
  • Gusset device – neat & compact end seals
  • Label head end seal
  • Anti-corrosion specification for wet environments
  • Various Printers
  • Specific model for small fried food products
  • Stainless infeed conveyor
  • Air extraction hold down sponge
  • Hanging display hole punch