S-5000A BX-BIP – High Speed HFFS For 4 Side Seal Package

omoriS-5000 Automatic Belt Infeed Type for Bread


  • Ergonomic design – the unwind shaft, thermal transfer printer and optional labeller are positioned at a height of 1500mm or below for quick and easy loading.
  • Hygienic Design – tool-free removal of both infeed conveyor belts ensures effective cleaning.Open-frame construction eliminates traps and allows loose product particles to fall through.
  • PerfecTension2 film feed control system, incorporating film tension data memory, minimizes film wander and ensures stable forming, improving line efficiency.
  • An option for lines running several different products, a newly-designed handwheel adjustable forming box with tension plate provides the stability of a fixed forming box but allows for quicker product changes.
  • Clear 12.1” LCD color touch screen control panel which rotates to position so a single line operator can monitor the machine from the most convenient position.
  • The design of the end seal safety guard incorporates a sliding front panel giving easy access for line clearance but with the whole cover removable for maintenance.
  • Cleaning and line clearance modes have been included in the software to speed up product changes and end-of-run clearance.
  • As an option, additional equipment control can be mounted in a central control box so that adjustments can be made from one position.


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  Automatic Belt Infeed Type for Bread
Speed MAX. 120packs/min
Main Motor AC servo motor
Film Width MAX450mm
Cut-off length MAX400mm
Product Size Width : 145mm

Height : 80mm

Standard paint color Ivory( Baked paint finish)
Power used 3PH 200V 6KVA(Differs according to specification)
Machine weight Approx. 1,300kg

*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film.


Optional equipment

  • Automatic Film Splicer with splice rejection
  • Thermal transfer printer (optimizes carbon tape utilization)
  • Labeller, servo driven for accurate placement
  • Inner protective film strip
  • Gusset device – neat & compact end seals
  • Mis-position, non-cut function – Disables end sealer if product is out of position
  • "Feather Touch" end seal detection system prevents product or foreign material crushing in the end sealer
  • Central control box for accessories (thermal transfer printer and labeler)