We care our services:

  •  Warranty and Maintenance Service

We provide one year warranty on defective parts and workmanship on most of the machines we sell. Our technicians are specially trained and we carry most parts in stock to minimize your machine downtime should the inevitably happen. We provide service contract so that your machines can service on a regular basis by our trained technician. Problems can be spotted early and worn out parts replaced before major catastrophe.

  •  Enhanced Quality

With all flexible packaging films supplied we can also supply a specification Data Sheet which will state and qualify all the components in the film for Food Safety Standards in Australia. All pouches will be supplied and charged per pieces or per thousand. This will simplify your overall waste calculation. All pouches supplied will be individually traceable. With Maruto Sangyo’s advanced integrated manufacturing system every roll can be traced back to its parent roll and its components. A complete history of each roll is recorded. This will be a big plus to your ISO9000 system.

  •  Crisis Management

Our account manager will keep very close contact with your purchasing manager to assist you in every aspect of the account. Should there be the unlikely event that some certain materials are required in a hurry, we have crisis management procedures already in place to minimize the impact of the crises. Such plans cover for events such as sudden surge of demand, damage/lost stock in the warehouse, industrial actions and even some natural disasters.

  •   Research & Development

Joseph Lee & Company / Maruto Sangyo’s commitment to R&D benefits your business in the following ways:

  •  Constant improvement on manufacturing processes and technology enables us to produce higher quality films at cheaper price. The benefit is passed onto you.
  •  Innovative packaging ideas create new opportunities for you to further enhance and add value to your products.
  •  Strong research team of polymeric scientists and industrial designers will help to realise your special packaging ideas. This is something that an ordinary film supplier could never match.
  •  Provide the Missing Link

Almost all film manufacturers inevitably don’t have full understanding of packaging machineries. The important interactive relationship between machines and packaging film is almost always overlooked or misunderstood. Joseph Lee & Co. and Maruto Sangyo have always been involved with the marketing and servicing of packaging machineries. Between the two companies there are over 80 years of experience in direct dealing with packaging machines. We can match the packaging material to your machines to achieve the design performance of the machine. The account manager that we will be providing is equipped with extensive technical expertise and commercial experience to be able to answer most of the questions on the spot.